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Your goals are my goals, you win, we win. Where can you go?


Chris Kiefert

The Coach

Chris Kiefert

My Mission: To help those who work with me to experience continuous success and growth through self development professionally. 

To complete my mission with you, I combine my deep desire for seeing others achieve their goals and a passionate ethos that personal development is the most fundamental power within our control that we have for positive change. 

Your goals are my goals, you win, we win. Where can you go?

What Clients Say?

“Chris is a really talented and natural coach. He gives me a regular space to brainstorm and think out loud. He is a good listener, honest in his feedback and very trustworthy. It’s not often you get the opportunity to discuss your own situation and possible areas of improvement in length. The sessions with Chris have led to some really valuable insights and I would highly recommend anyone to try it!”


Lahcene Merzoug

ComeOn Group

“The Remote Manager Course gave me greater insight as to my own management skills and enabled me to focus on improvements which has led to greater communication and time management. The format of the course is great – enabling myself and my co-workers to discuss challenges and successes in a honest and open forum. Chris’s ability to coach in a relaxed and friendly manner, asking the right questions and listening to feedback was invaluable. I would highly recommend his expertise!”


Katy Stafford

Head of Affiliates
ComeOn Group

“Chris is radiant, highly logical, and a great problem solver. He uses his skill to allow you to solve your challenges in a way that will work for you so that you will absolutely move forward.  In the time that I have met with Chris, I have reached incredible new heights in my career. I totally recommend Chris Kiefert to anyone who is ambitious in their career!”


Sacha Kinser

Content Manager
Game Lounge

How I Can Help You?


Work with a trained executive coach in a group or 1 on 1 format to improve performance and further your career. The programs are flexible and can be tailor made to your specific goals, schedule and needs.


To reach new heights and achieve goals you’ve never achieved, you have to become someone you’ve never been. The only way to ensure growth is commitment to consistent self development and improvement. How committed are you?

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I work closely with management mainly within the igaming industry. If you are eager to develop, serious about professional success and see the value in having a methodical system for improvement, these services are for you!

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Your goals are my goals, you win, we win. Where can you go?